A certified truck scale at each operating site provides the delivered weight of materials to both on-site and off-site customers.

After securing a contract, Phoenix Services assembles a team of experienced managers to assure all new operations are run professionally and efficiently.

Technical support to implement “World Class” steel mill service practices is provided by Phoenix Services senior management as we take over current slag handling, or the processing of an old slag bank. You can be confident your service requirements are provided in a professional manner.

It is the goal of Phoenix Services to apply decades of experience and innovation in steel mill services for the purpose of maximizing the recovery of metallics from slag and to provide cost-effective solutions to by-products materials handling as your business partner.

Phoenix uses its patented, custom designed processing plants to produce slag to meet local and state DOT specifications. The slag is sized into products to meet the market for local aggregates. Phoenix uses its QC staff to ensure compliance with specifications and strives to gain certification for all products. These efforts ensure that all metallics are recovered from the slag for return to the steel mill customer before it leaves the steel mill property. Through its process, Phoenix also recovers any deleterious substances during processing to ensure its products are in compliance with strict specifications.

Conveyor belts provide consistent material flow for segregation and sizing.

Full and slit coil packaging for barge, rail and truck shipments.

Steel Mill Services — Calvert, AL

Steel mill operators rely on Phoenix Services LLC for scrap, raw material and finished goods handling. The experienced Phoenix team operates alongside your business to create a “Partnership Mentality”, working together to eliminate waste and inefficiencies; and to create and implement cost savings solutions.

Phoenix Services LLC provides a full range of transportation and packaging services at Calvert, and maintains an operational base on the steel mill site, which facilitates providing these additional activities and services, from slabs to finished coils:


On-site and over-the-road transportation services are provided by experienced Phoenix Services operators.

First scrap basket hauler at Hickman.

Steel Mill Services — Hickman, AR

Phoenix Services LLC provides complete scrap yard management, charge bucket loading and charge bucket delivery service to Nucor at their Hickman, AR, plant for melt shop operations. Phoenix also provides pot carrier service, metallic recovery service, slag marketing and equipment rental service.

Phoenix owns and provides the necessary equipment, management, operating and maintenance personnel required to service the melt shop up to seven days per week, 24 hours per day. Specific services include:


Phoenix and Nucor

Phoenix Services handles the receiving, unloading, weighing and stockpiling of scrap purchased by Nucor, and maintains records by scrap grade received, inventory and deliveries.

Phoenix Services picks up empty charge buckets at the melt shop and transports them to the scrap yard for loading. At the scrap yard, the charge buckets, owned and maintained by Nucor, are loaded by Phoenix Services to the Nucor charge recipe and delivered to the melt shop where they are placed for use.

The roads utilized by the charge bucket carriers are kept in optimal operating condition by Phoenix Services.