Slag Handling Scrap Handling Slag Sales Ancillary Services Large Scrap Preparation Briquetting & Pelletizing A crane with grapple loads trucks and railcars with scrap for delivery to a designated location within the steel plant.

Improve Equipment and Service Reliability.
By investing in new equipment and facilities we improve the overall efficiency of the steel mill’s operations by being a more reliable and trouble free service provider.

Generate Revenue for the Steel Mill from Slag and By-Products.
Phoenix Services employs dedicated people whose sole responsibility is to market materials generated from steel mill processes. Phoenix Services management works toward creating good working relationships with local and state governments to approve slag for road construction and other applications as well as determining markets for other by-product materials.

Increase Your Cash Flow.
As a result of our reclaiming more clean sized scrap through our high efficiency custom designed processing plants our customer’s cash flow is substantially improved by minimizing the need to purchase scrap and iron units on the open market.

Minimize Future Environmental Liability.
By processing existing old slag banks and marketing the slag Phoenix Services works to minimize our customer’s future environmental liability as well as freeing storage area for other productive uses.

Conduct a Full Operational Audit of All Current Steel Mill Activities to Identify Additional Cost Savings Opportunities.
Upon taking over a slag handling and metal recovery contract, Phoenix Services reviews the mill’s operations to identify additional cost savings and/or improvements which can be realized by outsourcing other services. A written report is submitted to the steel mill’s top management identifying the specific areas which can be improved.

Senior Management Personally Manages Transitions.
Phoenix Services top management is committed to personally manage all transitions and startup of new operations. This commitment includes determining and employing the best qualified employees and in assisting to organize operations during the startup of each individual new service.

Slag pot carrier pours molten slag into a dump station.A vibrating grizzly provides for the separation of large scrap and slag pieces to allow efficient magnet separation of scrap and proper sizing of slag as materials move over and through screen decks.
A Bag-house collection system for cutting scrap can be provided based on local area environmental regulations.

Slag Handling

Phoenix Services LLC provides slag removal service from your melt shop utilizing the traditional slag pit digging with front-end loaders or specially designed slag pot carriers and slag pots fitted to your furnace size. Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient and cost effective operation to assure material is removed from your melt shop on a timely basis. All equipment provided by Phoenix Service is state-of-the-art and operated and maintained by experienced personnel.


Scrap Handling

Receiving, weighing, unloading, stockpiling, inventory control, reloading and transport of your purchased scrap to the scrap bay or melt shop is another area of expertise provided by Phoenix Services. A small team from Phoenix Services will work with your key personnel to determine your service needs and then design, place, operate and maintain the necessary equipment to assure your purchased scrap is managed effectively. Phoenix Services provides a number of options for the transport of purchased scrap from inventory to the scrap bay or melt shop. For example, charge buckets and specially designed charge bucket carriers may provide an efficient transport method or scrap may be transported in heavy-duty trucks to be dumped into charge buckets at the melt shop. Phoenix Services personnel will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost effective method for your plant.


Phoenix Services utilizes E-Cranes to handle and manage incoming raw materials in the Scrap Yard.

Slag Sales

Phoenix Services provides an experienced slag sales representative at each operating site to assure steel slag and blast furnace slag products are sized and priced to the appropriate local market and ensure slag is sold on a timely basis and does not accumulate on the steel mill property.  We work with local and state government road and highway representatives, as well as local contractors, to provide specification and non-specification products. To assure our products meet state and local specifications we normally provide a lab technician at each site including a dedicated laboratory with all required testing equipment. In addition to road construction uses our slag products are used as ice control material, railroad ballast and acid mine drainage treatment. Slag also provides a positive impact to the environment by improving water quality and soil conditions. It is the goal of Phoenix Services to apply decades of experience and innovation to maximize the marketing of steel slag and blast furnace slag at each of our operating sites.


Ancillary Services

For tasks as specialized as refractory removal, tear-out and tap-hole drilling, Phoenix Services LLC provides the expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled operators for a job that is fast, efficient and professional. Equipment will be scheduled as required by you to assure your equipment is placed back into service on a timely basis. Phoenix Services provides for the maintenance of all equipment used for these services including operating and maintaining loaders and trucks for the loading and transport of removed materials from the melt shop.

Road watering, sweeping, and vacuum truck services are essential parts of any operation to control dust and debris, and promote safety throughout the entire work area. Phoenix Services LLC offers highly trained and knowledgeable personnel to provide these services. Our on-site manager will work with you to determine and assure work is provided as required. Our goal is to help you maintain a safe, clean and environmentally friendly operating site.


A large scrap piece is cut to size utilizing open-air lancing.

Large Scrap Preparation Service

Phoenix Services LLC provides service to custom size large scrap pieces to our customers’ specification allowing for these materials to be charged into the furnace for melting. Large scrap, including scrap from slag pots and oversize pieces reclaimed from the processing plant grizzly, ladle skulls, tundish skulls and scrap billets or slabs, is prepared to specification size through breaking material with a crane and drop ball, cutting material with a hand-torch or lancing large, thick scrap pieces. Service is provided “open-air” or within a building which may include a bag-house system dependant on local area environmental regulations. Prepared materials are delivered by truck or railcar to customer designated locations. Phoenix Services provides the necessary equipment, fully operated and maintained, for the preparation of large scrap. We work with each of our customers to determine the most cost efficient method for supply of oxygen and gases when cutting/lancing service is provided.


Precision cutting a slab to charge box size.
Pelletizing Disc with water feed system.

Briquetting & Pelletizing

Phoenix Services recycles Fe bearing materials such as mill scale, dusts, sludges, slurries and oxides by briquetting or pelletizing. Briquetting uses binders in a press at throughput rates of up to 200 tons/day for its customers to recapture iron units in their blast furnaces and steel making furnaces. Phoenix also manufactures micro-pellets at throughput rates of up to 800 tons/day from blended and homogenized mixtures of BOF sludge, ladle slags, mill scale and various other internally generated mill materials for introduction into the sintering process, improving the sinter plant productivity and creating less variability. Briquetting and pelletizing both reduce your operating costs by minimizing the need to purchase iron units on the open market and by avoiding potential disposal costs for various iron bearing materials. In both processes, frequent laboratory testing ensures that critical chemical and physical properties are maintained to optimize the characteristics the products, and the effectiveness of the recovery rates.


Examples of briquettes.